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Ding Dong Lyrics From Finding Fanny

Ding Dong Lyrics

(Sings Gibberish Words)
Ding dong.. bim bong
Tan da de… bouny bong…

Our time is now now now now
Hey you, c’mon you
You sing and I hear
Laughter in your eyes is clearer
I just want you nearer
Whrill me, frill me

Title Song – O Fanny Re Lyrics From Finding Fanny

O Fanny Re Lyrics

Pyaar waale din saare ve
Khat likh ke guzaare ve
O Fanny re.. O Fanny re..

Sukh zindagi de saare ve
Teri yaad vich maare ve
O Fanny re.. O Fanny re..

Phirke saare jahaan tenu khojda phiran

Shake Your Bootiya Lyrics From Finding Fanny

Shake Your Bootiya Lyrics

O o haaye re meri faniya
Badi witty witty hai
Haaye re meri faniya
Badi meethi meethi hai
O haaye re meri faniya
Mohtarma tadpaye
Haaye re meri faniya
Meri jaan le jaaye..

Hey.. (Faniya!)
Shake your bootiya on the floor